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Sniper bot


Main Features:


Sniper bot


Main Features:

How the system Works!

Step 1.

Install the Bot

Install the bot using our comprehensive and easy-to-follow instructions booklet (included with your download files).

Step 2.

Configure your wallet

Enter the address of your new wallet along with the details of the token you want to snipe.

Step 3.

Run the bot

Simply start the bot and watch as it scans the blockchain to file your purchase/sell transactions. Sit back and relax while the bot does the work.

Step 4.

Enjoy Profit

Watch the bot buy your chosen token and sell it at the price you want. Rake in the profits and repeat.

Our Clients Says

It seemed too good to be true at first, why would the developers sell something like this if it's so profitable? That's what I asked the developers, but after they explained the scope of their project to me, it all made sense.

I'm lucky I got in first before the licenses sold out. 

Good People, good bot
Daniel Briggs

The developers are clearly working hard on this project and believe in creating the perfect bot.

 I struggled to install the bot, contacted the developers and arranged a video call. My bot was set up for sniping within the hour. I'm glad I got the chance to be a part of this project.


Didn’t think it’d work – but I’m glad I bought in

I was sceptical at first. Bought the bot and made my money back with a single token snipe.

Loving it lads!!!

Suggestion : Can we add an automatic sell function at "x" price?

Actually works

Great Communications

I took part in the pre-release of the UltiSniper bot. I was quite nervous at first, but Ryan from the team organised a video call and answered all my questions, putting my mind at ease.

Can't wait for us all to get rich together! 

Wen Lambo?